Converse Pearls Wedding edition


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Lifetime warranty for unlikelly repairs of dropped crystals

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At Shoozers, we are proud that we can offer you unique shoes for your special day. From average Converse, to irreplaceable wedding accessory. That’s how we would describe Converse Peartls Wedding Edition. Forget about painful high heels and get comfy with these shoes.

Feel like a princess, but with more style! We are aware, that shoes are crucial such as wedding gown, that’s why we are using the best quality pearls, that’s why we are using the best quality pearls. Converse Pearls Wedding Edition are decorated by hand with pearls and dazzling Swarovski crystals.

The sole of the shoe is white all around, but without typical blue and red stripe, which we still provide in other models. The logo on the tongue and the heel patch are also white. For special occasion you will get white satin laces, but we will provide you also regular laces for daily wear. You can choose from two different types of pearls – pure white or pearl shine. Both of them will perfectly complement your gown. Low, white, canvas Converse with luxurious pearls and glittering Swarovski crystals will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Do not forget to order them in advance, so that we will have time to decorate and ship them to you. Only at Shoozers, you will be provided with a lifetime warranty for the repair of fallen crystals and pearls. Your wedding day can also be unique thanks to these unique sneakers Converse Pearls Wedding edition. We want everything to be perfect at your wedding or other important event.

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