Nike Air Force 1 Crystal Black


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Lifetime warranty for unlikelly repairs of dropped crystals

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Unique sneakers that express your opinion of the world. Get something special for your wardrobe. Nike Air Force 1 Crystal Black are perfect for you. At Shoozers, we designed them so they could be worn with pride. Nike Air Force 1 black sneakers are specially decorated with high quality crystals thanks to which each pair ordered literally becomes a work of art. It gains not only in appearance but also in value.

Completely black sneakers can become a rare part of your wardrobe. Show them to your friends, go for a walk or enjoy the fun at the party. It’s up to you, because these unique sneakers are just yours. In addition, at Shoozers we give you a lifetime warranty for repairs in the unlikely event of crystals falling out.

SKU: 314195004CC

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