Nike Air Force 1 Crystal Black Special edition


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Lifetime warranty for unlikelly repairs of dropped crystals

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Black is definitely one of the most popular colors and should be in every wardrobe. There are several options to choose from in Shoozers. One of them is the Nike Air Force 1 black sneakers that we decorate specially. High quality Nike sneakers that we have combined with black crystals. However, it was not enough only to decorate the Nike logo and therefore we created this extra model.

We manually apply the crystals not only onto the logo, but also to the heel hem, which passes smoothly to the shoe fastening. Nike Air Force 1 Crystal Black Special Edition is then one of the most elaborate models in the world. Each pair is decorated by hand, so the decoration is always unique. A special edition of black, crystal-decorated Nike sneakers is waiting for you. They’re made for you. Shoozers as the only brand will add a lifetime warranty for repairs in case of dropping stones.

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