Nike Air Force 1 Swarovski Skull Black


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Unique Swarovski crystals

Lifetime warranty for unlikelly repairs of dropped crystals

Exclusive gift box

Free courier delivery

Uniqueness is a priority for us at Shoozers, so we strive to create unique combinations of proven quality and luxury. This creates exceptional models that won`t get lost in your wardrobe. The Nike Air Force 1 is great but we have improved it even more. We created the Nike Air Force 1 Swarovski Skull Black, a unique black sneaker for anyone who likes originality. We achieved this by decorating each pair with rare black Swarovski crystals.

This model is even more unique because in addition to the regularly shaped crystals, we also put skull shaped ones on the swoosh, the Nike Air Force 1 Swarovski Skull Black will certainly stand out for its uniqueness. In addition, we`ll give you a lifetime warranty for repairs in the unlikely event of crystals falling out. At Shoozers, we really take pride in quality.


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